Malone Specialty Coffee offers roasted and unroasted single origin coffees which reveal unique flavors notes in the cup.  Coffee is similar to wine in the fact that it tastes different based on what region, altitude, coffee plant variety, and which processing method is used on the beans. 

We roast in micro-batches in order to have ultimate control over the quality of the beans and make fine adjustments on the heat, the time, and the airflow during the roasting process.  By adjusting these variables at different times during the roasting process, we unlock natural flavors that are hidden within each coffee.

If this is your first time trying Malone Specialty Coffee, we encourage you to try the coffee black first before adding any condiments.  Take note of what flavors you notice when you take your first sip and at different times as you drink your coffee because different flavor notes will reveal themselves at different temperatures as the coffee cools.  Tasting coffee is similar to wine tasting in the fact that there are over 800 different flavor notes that can be found in coffees from different places in the world.  Enjoy!


Region: Hulia

Processing:  Washed

Tasting Notes: Hints of green apple, toffee, and citrus



Colombia Decaf

Region: Pijao, Pijao, Quindío

Processing:  E.A. Processed

Tasting Notes: Deliciously tangy with hints of toffee and lemon


Costa Rica Decaf 

Region: Tarrazu

Processing:  Mountain Water Decaf Process

Tasting Notes: Hints of citrus and salted nuts


How to Order

We can ship anywhere in the continental US. We are also currently offering home delivery of our coffees (roasted or unroasted) to residents in Austin, TX.  To order, please send an email to (or call 512-810-3598) with the below information.

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Two day and time options for delivery when you will be home. 
    We will roast your coffee and deliver within 48 hours of roasting. This way you get ultra fresh coffee!

  • Which coffee and how many bags you would like.
    For Roasted Coffee: We currently offer: 8 ounce bags for $7.

We will send you an confirmation email and a confirmed delivery time. Payment will be accepted at time of delivery and can be cash, check, or credit card.