Hario V60 Pour Over

Estimated price: $15 (check price)

The Hario V60 is a great single serve pour over option.   The V60 can sit right on top of your favorite coffee or travel mug.  It can be used for a multi-serving pour-over but you will also need a V60 stand and decanter.  We have found that a Chemex is easier for multi-serving pour overs. 

  • Produces a very clean cup. (No sediment and very little coffee oils)

  • The porcelain version is stylish and easy to clean

  • Ideal for a single serve pour over for home or office use

  • Affordably priced

As with other pour over methods you will require a gooseneck kettle and want to use around 202 degree water (30 seconds off boil).  The finer the grind you use the stronger your coffee will be.  We recommend starting with a Baraza Encore grind setting of 14 and adjusting it.