Baratza Encore

Estimated Price:  $129  (Click here to check price)

After making sure you have fresh roasted coffee, the next most important thing you can do to brew a great cup of coffee at home is to grind your beans just before your brew your coffee.  Fresh whole bean coffee is at its peak aroma and flavor for 20 minutes after you grind your bean so having a grinder at home is key if you want to take your coffee to the next level.  Conical burr grinders are prefered over blade, because conical burr grinders provide uniform particle size which is key for proper flavor extraction from ground beans and conical burr grinders impart less heat on the bean during grinding which can effect flavor.  The Baratza Encore is one of the best entry level, high quality conical burr grinders.  It provides you 40 different grind setting from a fine espresso grind to a very course french press or cold brew grind.     

Key Features:

  • Uniform particle size provides optimal and predictable extraction.  So you can experiment and find the perfect grind and repeat it.

  • 40 different grind size settings. 

  • Imparts less heat when grinding than a blade grinder and than can effect flavor   

Pro Tip:

We recommend that you don't store you beans in the hopper.  Only put in what you are going grind.  If you leave your beans in the hopper, oxygen can stale your beans over time.  We recommend storing beans in an airtight container like the Airscape.